Polymères amphiphiles

The technology is based on a family of p(methyloxazoline)-b-p(tetrahydrofurane)-b-p(methyloxazoline) triblock copolymers. Block copolymers assembled into micelles drain a large attention to improve drug delivery. PTG2 block copolymers do not contain poly(propylene oxide) block and poly(ethylene oxide) blocks as in amphiphilic pluronics derivatives.  The packing parameter of the PTG2 block copolymers indicates the formation of a core-corona structure.

PTG2 mediates solubilization of very hydrophobic drugs.

As shown in the Table and Figure 1, curcumin is highly solubilized with some PTG2 block copolymers.

Figure 1

Finally, curcumin solubilization promotes its cellular internalization as  shown in Figure 2 with the lung epithelial cell (16HBE) line.