Polytheragene, located at Evry (91, France), develops a specific know-how in the synthesis of polymers in general and more specifically of cationic polymers with histidine for gene therapy. Polytheragene is aiming to bring answers to the main problems linked with the non viral gene transfer techniques, such as the low efficiency of DNA transfection, and yield of the produced protein.

Polytheragene is developing polymer based technologies, for companies involved in the bioproduction of recombinant proteins and viruses, biotechnology platforms, and research academic or corporate laboratories. Gene transfer is carried out using mixtures of the nucleic acid of interest with the appropriated polymer. The resulting mixture allows transfection of target cells or tissues. Polytheragene commercializes PTG1 and PTG3 for DNA transfection of various cell types with reduced toxicity.

Polytheragene is also developing PTG2 polymers for the transfection of skeletal muscles with plasmid DNA and the solubilization and vectorization of hydrophobic molecules for therapy and cosmetic applications.